I’m always looking to improve my outlook on life and be more positive. I find that January is always a good month to start anew and make changes. Today I’m sharing with you my personal top 10 tips to make your life a little easier in 2015. So read-on because these tips did wonders for […]

This week I’m lusting over a new website called Natural Life who’s products I discovered at Ron Jon’s in Florida. I walked in and was instantly attracted to this awesome mug!  How adorable are these key cozies? Everything from this California-based company is so colorful, inspiring and so damn cute! I just love hand-made stuff. I checked […]

Did you know that we should have no more than 6 teaspoons a day of sugar to avoid all kinds of medical problems? Well I didn’t. With just my coffee and peanut butter toast in the morning I already have over 6 teaspoons! And did you know that a can of coke is about 8 teaspoons? Thanks […]

Who doesn’t compare themselves to others? We do it everyday, conciously or unconciously. I think it’s normal to try to situate ourselves in this crazy world. But the problem I have with that is that we compare our interior selves with the exterior of others. We’re not being fair to ourselves. What we see on Facebook, for example, is […]

I ate so much while in Florida, it’s no wonder I came back with a few extra pounds. Thank god they don’t weigh us at the airport, I would’ve paid a big fee! But we actually did pay a surcharge because of our overweight bags, but that’s another story… I couldn’t believe how Florida is really refining […]

The answer is YES YES YES! Remember a while back when I had just moved into our new condo and was wondering what to do with our empty kitchen wall? Well we decided to go with the easiest option, chalkboard paint, and we don’t regret it one second. It instantly adds character to our kitchen. And with […]

Hey all! I’m back from our 2 week vacation in Deerfield Beach Florida. What a great trip! I always love to go to Florida because it feels like home but with palm trees, sun and beaches. I woke up to this every morning… It was our second Florida trip with our little Mila and she was a […]

Another reason Autumn is my fave season is because of all the pumpkins! Simple as that. I just loooove making pumpkin cookies, bread, pie, cheese cake, coffee, you name it! And Pumpkin picking is so much fun. Look at that gorgeous orange color… This year I was on the lookout for the best healthy pumpkin muffin recipe and I […]

Who doesn’t love October? The leaves are turning all kinds of vibrant colours and I love how the sun gives off this warm soft glow. I think Autumn has become my favorite season. Sorry summer! Autumn just makes me ache to take my camera outdoors. That’s exactly what I did this weekend, along with my sister, daughter […]

I have the bad habit of never ending what I have started, especially when I realize that it’s not exactly as I had envisioned it or that it’s taking longer than I had expected. So that makes hundreds of unfinished projects. But as a mother I’ve come to realize that perfection doesn’t exist. Even if I […]