About me


Hi, I’m Cynthia and welcome to Stuff Cyn Loves!

I began this blog as an escape from my what-do-I-do-with-my-life depression that started in my mid-twenties and I’m so glad to say I’m finally happy and loving life again. I’m known to be a modern-day hippie who is always thinking about my next destination and my next meal.

I’m a French Canadian living with my beautiful one year old daughter and boyfriend Charles in Montreal.

What am I like? Crazy at times, very sensitive, such a dreamer and intense in a good kind of way.

What’s my purpose? I’m on a spiritual journey to being true to myself and being the best person I can be. I want to help others do the same, and to make a difference in this world even if it sounds cliché.

Favorite quote? “Live the life you dreamed” – Henry David Thoreau

My obsessions? Bikinis, rustic-chic decor, latin culture, salads, any type of sauce, dancing and my daughter!

What do I collect? Postcards from all over the world! The last one was from Malaysia.

My biggest talent? Definetly making rum & cokes (ask anyone!), dancing, writing and finding ideas.

Biggest fault? Procrastinator…I rarely put my ideas to work!

Amateur? Photographer, tennis player and cook.

Favorite beauty product? Blush in any color!

Fave cuisine? Definetly French, Asian and anything with coconut.

If I have a few minutes to myself what do I like to do? Read just about anything! If I could, I wouldn’t sleep and try to learn new languages.

Fave activity? Eating, reading and yoga.

Can’t live without? My family of course but limes and lemons comes close second! Yes, I’m weird like that.

The book that changed my life? “Eat, Pray, Love”, “The Happiness Project” and “A House in the Sky”.

I wish I was a better? Gardener and girlfriend.

Fave tv show? Big Bang Theory (who doesn’t?) and any travel shows.

Weird thing I do? I always count in my head when I’m pouring something. Oh and I love to eat apple sauce with ice cream! Yummmm

Places you want to visit? Australia, New Zealand, Phillipines, Nepal, Turkey, Montenegro…the list goes on!

Fave country visited? Colombia and Indonesia.

Other blogs? Yes, both in French though; www.cagouteleciel.com and www.voyagerencolombie.wordpress.com

One last word? Come back soon!

Feel free to contact me. I love to hear your suggestions :)


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