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The best burnt cauliflower salad recipe, just in time for summer!

I just LOVE burnt cauliflower mixed with fresh ingredients like corn and kale. And cauliflower is the new “it” food. So today I’m sharing my recipe with you, inspired by my little visit to Saint-Laurent Café.


Recipe // Taming my sweet tooth with baked pear crumble!

Did you know that we should have no more than 6 teaspoons a day of sugar to avoid all kinds of medical problems? Well I didn’t. With just my coffee and peanut butter toast in the morning I already have over 6 teaspoons! And did you know that a can of coke is about 8 teaspoons? Thanks […]

Recipe // Healthy pumpkin muffins with yummy maple glaze

Another reason Autumn is my fave season is because of all the pumpkins! Simple as that. I just loooove making pumpkin cookies, bread, pie, cheese cake, coffee, you name it! And Pumpkin picking is so much fun. Look at that gorgeous orange color… This year I was on the lookout for the best healthy pumpkin muffin recipe and I […]

What’s for supper? // Mangolian beef recipe

Asian food is the best! I usually cook 1 to 2 asian dishes a week and this week I tried this Mangolian beef recipe from justataste. It reminded me a lot of spare-ribs but it was much quicker to make and it didn’t cost much. Really yummy weeknight recipe worth trying! Get the recipe here.

Nicaraguan refried beans

Back when I spent the summer living in Nicaragua I literally lived off avocados, passion fruit, rosquillas and refried beans. No wonder I had a kick ass body then, nothing compared to my new post-baby body! Ok I’m getting off topic… Anyhow each week we would head to the popular local bar and hostel “Via Via” where tourists and locals mingled […]

Recipe // Awesome bang bang shrimp on the BBQ

I first had Bang Bang shrimp at Bonefish Grill, one of my fave restaurants in Florida. The first time I tasted the shrimp I was in heaven! The sauce is sweet and spicy and you probably already have all the ingredients in your fridge to make it. You can cook up this recipe as an […]

Best general tao chicken recipe!

Before I left for Florida last week I wanted to treat my boyfriend to one of his favorite dishes to compensate for the fact that I’d be spending the week on the beach while he worked his butt off! My sister said she had the best general tao recipe so I decided to give it […]

French onion soup is so comforting!

  For me there’s nothing better than French onion soup to cheer me up, especially on a cold day! And anyone who knows me knows that I hate winter and would rather live at the other end of the world (Indonesia, anyone?) where it’s always warm. But then I would miss my amazing boyfriend and […]

Breakfast at my in-laws (yummy french toast recipe)

Everytime we go to my in-laws it feels like a weekend escape to a bed and breakfast. My father-in-law cooks up meats that literally melt in your mouth and my mother-in-law creates amazing appetizers and desserts. We spend hours around the table chatting and playing board games. Basically we RELAX. It feels so nice not […]

Sausage and apple stuffed acorn squash

Are you looking for a flavorful fall recipe? This is it! The mix of spicy sausage, sweet squash and fresh parsley is just so yummy. I was inspired by my sister’s mediterranean squash recipe and added tomatoes and feta cheese to the recipe from Let me tell you that my boyfriend loved it so much he […]