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Cyn ♥’s // The most stunning wallpaper for your home!

Hi everyone! Great news, we’ve finally found our house! We’re moving in less than two weeks and all I can think about is how I’m going to decorate our new home. I’m spending way too many hours on Pinterest and Houzz lately while I should probably be blogging but hey, after over a year of house hunting, […]

DIY // Will a whole chalkboard wall look nice in the kitchen?

The answer is YES YES YES! Remember a while back when I had just moved into our new condo and was wondering what to do with our empty kitchen wall? Well we decided to go with the easiest option, chalkboard paint, and we don’t regret it one second. It instantly adds character to our kitchen. And with […]

Flower up your home

It may officially be spring in Quebec but there’s still snow everywhere. Everyone is getting eager for the sun and heat to arrive. Well this year I promised myself I wouldn’t complain about winter (for the sake of my bf and daughter) and of course it turns out we’ve had the longest and coldest winter in […]

DIY Home // My favorite DIY wine crate ideas!

Kitchen wine crate storage (courtesy of Pinterest) I always love decorating my home for less. When I was moving last year I got boxes at my local wine store and they gave me a beautiful wine crate. I had no clue what to do with it until today. I found brilliant ideas on the web […]

DIY Ikea window seat!

In our new home there’s this weird empty wall in the kitchen and I’ve been in search of a DIY project for a while now to fill up the gap. I already have two chairs at the counter as a breakfast corner so that’s not an option. If you have any awesome ideas let me […]

My favorite DIY pallet furniture ideas!

DIY sofa by I think it’s important to recycle. And what’s better than recycling something to add a touch of design to your own home for free (or almost)? I’ve been crazy about pallet furniture for the past year and now that I’m settled in my new home it’s time to get my creative […]

Simple DIY autumn centerpieces

I must say that I really love autumn with it’s beautiful rich colors of red, orange and yellow. But sometimes, I don’t know about you, but the change of seasons really leaves me feeling down low. Today I thought that some DIY autumn ideas couldn’t hurt. Hopefully it will put back some sunshine into your […]

Give a cozy vibe to your place with wooden walls!

Trend alert: Vintage wood-paneled walls! I first fell in love with this look while window shopping in Panama City! It goes to show that wooden walls are really the trend of the moment everywhere. I think it warms up a room and looks great mixed up with modern furniture. Image by Society Social Source: […]

DIY Home // Chalkboard your space!

No I’m not sick of summer. And no I don’t have a Christmas carol stuck in my head (though I’m seriously starting to have one).  I’m just totally obsessed with everything chalkboard these days and I couldn’t imagine having to wait until December to post this! I’m moving in a new home in 2 months […]

DIY Home // Take out those old vinyl records!

Most of our parents own them. Most of our parents can`t get rid of them. Most of our parents would love to use them again. Common, make your parents happy (or anyone else for that matter) and give old vinyl records a new life with these cool DIY projects! Here are the top 3 most […]