Lisbon family vacation (part 1)

Aviary Photo_130706608941656824 (Copy)

We visited Lisbon at the end of February which was not the best idea we’ve ever had. It was cold, rainy and windy. My 1 year old daughter had to wear a wool hat and gloves. I wore a sweater, a jean jacket and a rain jacket over each other (so much for being stylish!).

With everything we had read and heard about Lisbon, our expectations we’re high. Lisbon was so different than what we had imagined. We definitely learnt our lesson about having expectations because really, you always end up being disappointed. But as you will see with our pictures of Lisbon, it’s a pretty special city, just make sure to visit when its warm!


Miradouro da Senhora do Monte is a great place to stop to have an overview of Lisbon’s colorful houses and of Castelo de Sao Jorge that sits even higher. Lisbon is made up of many plateaus so you better bring comfy shoes!


Aviary Photo_130711647714525462 (Copy)

Aviary Photo_130711644553526995 (Copy)

Aviary Photo_130711645556594122 (Copy)

Yes, it was really that windy and cold!


Baixa, Lisbon’s elegant district filled with boutiques, cafés and large plazas, was reconstructed with a grid pattern after the 1755 earthquake that destroyed the city.



IMG_0075 (2)

IMG_0069 (2)

If ever you go to Lisbon, you MUST stay in the Alfama. It’s such an authentic neighborhood. Tourists may stroll around during the day but at night you’re all alone with the locals. Really our favorite place in Lisbon. We felt like we were living there, locals saying hi to us and stopping to play with Mila. On trains, some locals even started conversations with us. I think we looked like a real Portuguese family (must be the dark traits!)  which was pretty cool but we just stared at them with question marks on our faces. So much for not looking like tourists! HaHa

Here is the Alfama, a gorgeous labyrinth of alleyways and stairs

The Alfama, a gorgeous labyrinth of alleys and stairs.

The white building was our apartment building. To view our apartment, click here.

Aviary Photo_130706616116691469 (Copy)

Mandarin trees and abandoned fountains around the streets of the Alfama.

Aviary Photo_130711626756801530 (2) (Copy)

Aviary Photo_130711628193398790 (Copy)

Aviary Photo_130711627198463146 (Copy)

I loved how every corner we turned, there was a new picture waiting to be taken! The architecture is so old and worn out. Lisbon is a really photogenic city.

Aviary Photo_130706621073531797 (Copy)

Aviary Photo_130711636018677296 (Copy)

Aviary Photo_130711632052509993 (Copy)The famous ceramic facades. 

 Aviary Photo_130702542542290701 (Copy)


There is always life in the streets of Lisbon. Especially elderly women gossiping from one window to another or hanging out their clean clothes.

Aviary Photo_130702533454708604 (Copy) Aviary Photo_130711629519770607 (Copy) Aviary Photo_130711631026870834 (Copy)

Atop the Alfama sits the beautiful São Vicente de Fora monastery. The view and the Feira da Ladra market (every Tuesday and Saturday) are worth the hike up.


Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon with Lisbon’s famous trams and the best pastry EVER!



  1. Caroline Mondou · · Reply

    Wow, j’attends la suite avec impatience. Tes photos sont magnifiques.

    1. Merci beaucoup Caroline! La deuxième partie devrait suivre bientôt :)

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