The greatest ride of my life!

Whoa how time flies!
My baby girl will be turning two at the end of the summer and looking back I can’t believe how becoming a mom has been such a life-changing and challenging experience. It was not easy and I was far from the perfect, all smiles type of mom. I had so many ups and downs and even had “What was I thinking?” moments. I came very close to another depression and even questioned my love for my boyfriend. 
Yes, it was scary at times, but overall the past two years have been the greatest ride of my life! I learnt to take care of someone else but myself, learnt to cope with sleepnes nights, to not stress over the little things and mostly to enjoy each and every moment, because that’s where you will find true happiness. Yes, a trip to Asia or buying a new wardrobe has its thrills, but it’s short-term. Nothing comes close to the happiness of having a baby and watching them grow. As your vacation memories dissipate in your head with time, your child just creates new memories each and single day and will always be there in front of you to make you smile. Just watching your child eat her first ice cream cone, going for a walk hand in hand, goofing off, picking wild flowers, reading a book together, singing songs in the car and cuddling in bed are some of the best moments EVER. Such pure moments.
Motherhood has made me so much more confident, strong and patient. Oh and very emotional as you can tell by this blog post ;) My family is my priority and will always be. Without these two amazing people in my life, I’d totally be lost. They keep me grounded. They make me realize every single day what counts. Without them I’d probably be making my way around the world, totally lost, looking for happiness in all the wrong places.
With that in mind, I have less time on my hands since becoming a mom. So I’ve decided that I’ll mostly be posting pictures on my blog from now on. Maybe a paragraph here and there. Just look at how trendy Pinterest and Instagram are. So why not? Pictures speak louder than words, no? 




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