Where in the world is Madeira?

Aviary Photo_130717620657958928

Where in the world is Madeira? That’s the question I asked myself a few months ago while I was searching for Europe’s warmest winter destination. Turns out that Madeira is a small island that belongs to Portugal, situated off the Maroccan coast in the Atlantic. I had heard of the Acores but never of Madeira. It’s a popular destination with North European crowds who want to escape cold winters. Because of it’s mild climate year round, Madeira is known as the island of eternal spring.  No wonder the island is so colorful. And no wonder I wanted to go so bad!

Aviary Photo_130720463206286356

Everything about Madeira was what we were looking for our first big trip with our 18 month old. We were longing for mountains to hike, fresh air to breath, exotic fruits, sunny weather and an off-the-beaten-track destination. It took one image search to confirm that Madeira was our next destination. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful, reminding me of the Acores and Hawaii. And you know how sometimes life has a funny way of hinting that everything is intercorrelated? Well I received a Ukulele for Christmas and found out after having chosen Madeira as our destination that the Ukulele was first bought to Hawaii by Madeiran immigrants! Now that’s destiny people!

In the following weeks I’ll be sharing with you my Madeira travel guide and photos. And let me tell you, in Madeira I was served. Everything was literally screaming to be photographed. Sneak peak…

Aviary Photo_130713280846238168

Aviary Photo_130717652263739586

Aviary Photo_130717607961112632

If you would’ve told me a few months ago that I would be going to explore Madeira with my family, I would’ve looked at your weird and asked, “Where in the world is Madeira?” But now I can proudly say how grateful I am that we visited this unique island before larger crowds start flocking in. I can say we truly experienced the beauty that Madeira has to offer. And the ugly too, but more on that later!


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  1. I wanna go now

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