I’m always looking to improve my outlook on life and be more positive. I find that January is always a good month to start anew and make changes. Today I’m sharing with you my personal top 10 tips to make your life a little easier in 2015. So read-on because these tips did wonders for me and and will probably help you feel happier.

  1. Make your e-mail password work for you! I do this and let me tell you it works. Since we log into our e-mails so often it’s like repeating something positive in your mind without realizing it. Your goal or dream will be into your brain and you’ll be surprised to see things change for you. Example: You want to go to Brazil so make your password brazil2013 and you’ll most likely find a way to get to Brazil in 2015. Other examples: “10kmrun”, “newjob2015” and “fallinlove2015”
  2. Don’t panic! Life is not going your way? You’re stuck in traffic and late to an appoitnment? Your boyfriend forgot to bring home milk? Your boss just asked you to do the most boring thing? Don’t panic! Count to 100 in your head so that you don’t overreact and freak out. Freaking out with just worsen your mood and relationships. 
  3. Live by the one minute rule. After having read Gretchin Rubin’s “The Happiness project” I started living by the “one-minute rule” and it’s amazing the difference it makes. Keeping your place tidy is not always easy and not always the first thing on your mind. But if you live by this rule you will automatically feel less overwhelmed. How does it work? If something takes less than a minute to do then you absolutely have to do it. Say, put your keys in their place so as soon as you get home, put your dirty clothes in the basket, put your dishes in the dishwasher, hug your loved one…you get the picture.
  4. Dream big! Come up with a collage of your dream life and things you love. Pinterest is a great tool for that. Or you can cut out images from magazines that represent what your dream life would be. That way when you’re down you can look at it and be inspired!
  5. Put yourself in an awkward situation. A Bollywood dance class? A blind date? Volonteer for an event where you don’t know anyone? Trust me it’s nerve racking but after you’ll be so proud of yourself and feel really good. I made one of the bestest friends while volunteering. And laughed my arse off in a Brazilian dance class. Just go for it!
  6. Know who matters and who don’t. If someone doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, then don’t lose one second of your time thinking about them, spending time with them or analyzing their behavior. Make time for those you trully care about. You don’t feel like going to happy hour with a colleague because he/she gets on your nerves? Just say no. You’ll be happy you did!
  7. Start new traditions! Traditions are the best! Go for brunch every sunday, get your hair done every first day of the month, buy books for everyone on their birthdays, host an annual corn roast, etc. You’ll boost you excitement by waiting on these and feel much happier. Every first day of the year I write a letter to myself about what I’ve achieved (or not) and what I want out of my life for the upcoming year. Throughout the year I read it to remind myself of what I trully want to accomplish.
  8. Make a playlist of songs that cheer you up and every morning while you have breakfast or sit on the bus, play them and you’ll start your day motivated and inspired. Grooveshark is my fave website for that! And why not dance along? That will totally boost your mood.
  9. What would your role-model do? Everyone has role models. When you’re faced with a problem or decision ask yourself what this person would do and you’ll have your answer. Easy as that! Would your grandma do that? What would Oprah choose between a weekend at home or out with friends to a cottage?
  10. Send a thoughtful e-card or e-mail to a friend, family member or colleague to thank them for being who they are. If a friend tells you about something important coming up (interview, date, new job, vacation) take note of it in your agenda so you’ll know when to e-mail them. You’ll really make someone’s day by showing you care about them and you will automatically feel happier.

Happy New Year folks!


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