Inspiring // Should we really be comparing ourselves?

The only personyou should try tobe

Who doesn’t compare themselves to others? We do it everyday, conciously or unconciously. I think it’s normal to try to situate ourselves in this crazy world. But the problem I have with that is that we compare our interior selves with the exterior of others. We’re not being fair to ourselves. What we see on Facebook, for example, is what a person decides to show. And you’ll notice that it’s mostly pretty stuff. But you have no clue what’s happening in their home, in their head, at their work, in their family, etc. Facebook let’s us create who we want to be. As much as it can be a useful tool, I think facebook actually lowers our confidence, makes us question and doubt our choices and just kills our spirit. I’m not saying you should get off facebook but you should definetly remind yourself each time you log on that what you see is not reality, just a glimpse, and mostly idealized.

So don’t go comparing your interior to someone’s else exterior. There’s just no use unless you want to feel bad. We’re all unique and we tend to forget that. And the only person we should really try to be better than is the person we were yesterday ;)



  1. I just wrote something like this a little bit ago. It’s crazy isn’t it?

    1. Yeah it’s crazy how much it affects us! Some people aren’t even aware how much comparing is bringing them down. Happy I’m not the only one spreading the word :) Cheers!

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