DIY // Will a whole chalkboard wall look nice in the kitchen?

The answer is YES YES YES!

Remember a while back when I had just moved into our new condo and was wondering what to do with our empty kitchen wall? Well we decided to go with the easiest option, chalkboard paint, and we don’t regret it one second. It instantly adds character to our kitchen. And with all my to-do lists scribbled in various places around the house, it was the perfect way to get organized.

Here is our wall before:


And look at it now! So pretty and useful. 


I find it gives the place a nice bistro ambiance, especially when I put up my week’s menu.  Since my to-do list is in my face all the time, I dont have an excuse for not getting things done!

I love how creative I can be with it. I can doodle, write inspiring quotes and even make use of it for birthdays and special occasions. What you see in the picture is my daughter’s first year in photos for her 1st birthday party. Cute, no?

Aviary Photo_130589086236503869

I’m so in love with our chalkboard wall that I’m definetly going to miss it when we find our new house. We haven’t found one yet though yesterday I fell in loooove with one and my boyfriend wasn’t crazy about it. Oh man, I was crushed! I even woke up at 5am this morning thinking about it!

Well as you can see it really doesn’t take much to enhance your kitchen or any other room for that matter. Just a $35 can of calkboard paint, a brush, a ladder and you’re set. If you need help, check out the DIY Network. And why not try a white chalkboard wall? Awesome idea!

Hope this inspires you!



  1. Oh, wow, this is awesome! I have to try this.

    1. Thanks Bonny for your comment! A chalkboard wall makes such a difference I find and it’s really cheap . What not to love?

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