Travel // Awesome vacation in Deerfield Beach, Florida

IMG_9608 (2)

Hey all! I’m back from our 2 week vacation in Deerfield Beach Florida. What a great trip! I always love to go to Florida because it feels like home but with palm trees, sun and beaches.

I woke up to this every morning…

Aviary Photo_130587978009815843

It was our second Florida trip with our little Mila and she was a real angel! She loved spending her  days splashing around in the pool and walking around in her diapers.

DSCN9725 (2)



And of course she also discovered sand. I think she could’ve spent the whole afternoon digging and eating it!

IMG_9680 IMG_9840

I also had a yoga routine going. I even did yoga on the beach and by the pool! Pure bliss…

Aviary Photo_130589054689569423

Oh and I read Gone Girl which I devoured. I wasn’t that crazy about the characters but the suspense kept me going. I also read If I Stay but I think it was too young for me. I didn’t get into it. Maybe I was just not in the mood for that kind of book. Oh and my boyfriend read Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi which he adored.

Man was it nice to just lay outside with a book and let time pass us by. That just never happens back home. We really should make more time to doing nothing but it’s so hard with our never ending to-do lists and heaping piles of dirty laundry. But hey, I guess that’s why vacations exist!


I was so glad that my in-laws took such great care of Mila. It gave us a much needed break. And we even went out on a few romantic dates just the two of us. So nice!


Aviary Photo_130587987164231611

Looking back, I’m so happy we got our daughter used to going and sleeping everywhere. It made it such a breeze to travel with her. She was literally the plane’s mascot on both flights. Just to tell you, half the people on the plane knew her name! Oh man, we’re not finished with her! She really is a little charmer…

Aviary Photo_130587990486063251

Now that she’s really accustomed to taking the plane and adapting herself to new places, I think we’re ready for a bigger trip!

We’re looking at New Zealand, Phillipines, Italy or Portugal. What do you think?


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