The best season of all is here!

Aviary Photo_130570940317251011

Who doesn’t love October? The leaves are turning all kinds of vibrant colours and I love how the sun gives off this warm soft glow. I think Autumn has become my favorite season. Sorry summer! Autumn just makes me ache to take my camera outdoors. That’s exactly what I did this weekend, along with my sister, daughter and niece. We went to walk around Mont St-Bruno on the south shore of Montreal and let me tell you how beautiful it was! The sun was shining and the air was crisp, perfect for wearing my wool sweater and beloved tan boots. We walked for over 3 hours!

Aviary Photo_130570939413709026 Aviary Photo_130570939151332199 Aviary Photo_130570940005713080 Aviary Photo_130570938744388787

It’s funny but the leaves changing colors reminds me how lucky I am to live somewhere where there are four seasons. I’ve always longed to live where it’s warm year round (Central America anyone?) but honestly, I would probably miss this too much…

 lac lac1 lac2 lac3 lac4

Let’s enjoy it while it lasts!


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