1I have the bad habit of never ending what I have started, especially when I realize that it’s not exactly as I had envisioned it or that it’s taking longer than I had expected. So that makes hundreds of unfinished projects. But as a mother I’ve come to realize that perfection doesn’t exist. Even if I wanted to be the perfect mom, I don’t have the time! I’d love for my home to always be clean, to sit down and play with my daughter for hours, to paint with her, to cook her something new every night. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. But little by little I’m getting better at letting go of wanting to be perfect. It’s just so unrealistic to think we can be without flaws. And how boring would it be if everyone was perfect? There would be no chance for learning and evolving. And that’s the whole point of life, no?

So what have you been putting off because you don’t think you’re good enough or scared it won’t be perfect? Just get going! You’ll be so happy you did. We all need a little push sometimes to get things done ;)


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