A taste of Boston


Hi folks! I’m alive and well if you’ve been wondering where the heck I’ve been, just been taking care of my sweet and very energetic little Mila. Now that she’s almost one I need to get working again! I’ve really put off cooking (other than purees), traveling and writing but man do I have things to share with you! First of all we went to Boston in the spring when Mila was 8 months old as a road test to traveling with Mila and we had a great time! She slept most of the time and was a very good sport. She’s just so amazing! We can’t help but brag about her. Just look at that adorable little face!

IMG_4732 (2)


IMG_4700 (2)

 IMG_4693 (2)

Ok enough baby bragging, now back to Boston ;)

When searching for hotels online we realized that Boston wasn’t cheap. All hotels were over $300 a night for something decent. Lucky enough my travel agent job has some perks and I was able to get us a room for $169 in the Back Bay area.

The first night my boyfriend headed to TD Garden for a Montreal vs Bruins game (he’s a Bruins fan oddly enough!) while Mila and I went for a stroll on Boylston street. Everyone smiled at us as we passed them by and I was surprised by how friendly everyone was. I found a pastry shop on our way back to our hotel that were selling cronuts! Yes CRONUTS people! I was psyched to try this half croissant and half doughnut and I must say I was not dissapointed! Yummmmm


I had read that Boston is one of the world’s best cities for walking and it was definetly true. You can easily get to one end of the city to another in one afternoon. Flowers and trees line the streets and the every neighborhood has its charms.


Aviary Photo_130544085138957169

Aviary Photo_130544086045860214

Aviary Photo_130544053344902989


And for all you shopping lovers out there, Boston had pretty much every store you could need! And the best thing of all, they don’t have tax on clothes! Hoorahhhh




Next time we go to Boston we’re definetly going to Fenway Park to watch a good old game of baseball! Outside the stadium the atmosphere was so festive, imagine inside…


This plaza was right next to our hotel….so gorgeous at night!


IMG_4815 IMG_4818

My favorite neighborhood of all was definetly Beacon Hill with its beautiful homes and dreamy atmosphere. At times it felt like we were on a movie set!

Aviary Photo_130544787614882060 Aviary Photo_130544788266689876

Aviary Photo_130544860550677398

Little Italy, also know as the North End, also had it’s charms with it’s bakeries, gelato shops, and plenty of aunthentic Italian restaurants to choose from. It’s the oldest neighborhood in Boston so tons of history. We wanted to go to famous Mike’s Pastry Shop but the lineup was way too long to wait with Mila. Oh well , next time!

Aviary Photo_130544086796679433

IMG_4717 IMG_4723

Now let me tell you about the food! Oh the food! I felt like I was in Montreal with all the great restaurant options. We only saw one McDonalds in all and were inspired by how Bostonians seem to have a healthy lifestyle. Joggers everywhere. Vegan cafés. Very inspiring. I tried oysters at Quincy market’s Oyster Bar for the very first time and couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried oysters before! We had them with lemon, tobasco and tomato sauce and it was wicked! Oysters are now first place on my craving list. Oh and the clam chowder was one of the best that I’ve ever had.

Aviary Photo_130544787164503933 IMG_4736

Now if you’re a tapas fan you just HAVE to go to Toro in the South end area. Every tapas had me asking for more. We had coconut-lime tuna tartare, foie gras, grilled octopus, cauliflower salad (amazing!) and the BEST corn on the cob ever! But reserve before hand because it was totally jam packed and we arrived at 5pm.

IMG_4792 IMG_4789 IMG_4811 IMG_4809


We loved Boston so much that we’ll probably be making it an annual trip. And next time we want to rent a beach house in Cape Cod. Now if you have restaurant suggestions in Boston let me know because I just can’t wait to go back!


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