Flower up your home

Aviary Photo_130408273368026189

It may officially be spring in Quebec but there’s still snow everywhere. Everyone is getting eager for the sun and heat to arrive. Well this year I promised myself I wouldn’t complain about winter (for the sake of my bf and daughter) and of course it turns out we’ve had the longest and coldest winter in a long time. But I held my promise and didn’t complain one bit. Instead I decided to make it feel like spring in my house by adding colorful vases filled with flowers. Other than my daughters smile when I pick her up in her crib in the morning (just priceless!) nothing cheers me up more than waking up and seeing flowers around the house. No matter what its like outside it always feels like it’s sunny inside.

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Here are some of the flowers around my house:

Aviary Photo_130407644859310704 Aviary Photo_130408272602370890

Aviary Photo_130408265152408986 Aviary Photo_130408265989824995

Aviary Photo_130407646758789228

Aviary Photo_130407640329017905 And here are some ideas I found on the web:

So come on people stop complaining about our never ending winter and put some sun in your home with flowers. Get creative and try using mason jars and cups as vases. And why not go ahead and buy yourself a fresh bouquet of flowers? You totally deserve it ;)


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