Maple lovin’

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It’s that time of year again, time to head to the sugar shack! It’s really one of my favorite outings of the year. The sugar shack is such an explosive experience for my taste buds, I just love it! For the real experience it’s best to head to a small family-run sugar shack far from the city that offers the traditional meal made up of salty pork rinds (my fave), ham, eggs, sausage, beans, cretons, pea soup, sugar pie and of course maple syrup to put on top of everything! I went with my family last weekend and let me tell you I walked out so full I wanted to roll. Here are a few pics:

Aviary Photo_130404377158695668


Aviary Photo_130404376111143960

Aviary Photo_130404374423205445 Aviary Photo_130404370694764544a

Aviary Photo_130404371848241226a

These are soooo yuummy! They’re called Grandpères dans le sirop. English translation: Grandpas in syrup! I never gave much thought to the name before but now that I’m writing about it I thought it would be a good idea to find its origin. They say that this dessert was bought here by the Acadians and used to be called Grandfather’s dumpling. There are two hypotheses, one that grandfathers could easily eat this dessert without having teeth and secondly, that this dessert was prepared by grandfathers who had the very easy task to mix the maple syrup in the cooking pot. Now I like the first hypothesis better!

Aviary Photo_130404377776170445

While maple season may last only two months I get to enjoy it all year long! That’s because I put maple syrup in my latté almost every day. I just love the blend of  strong espresso (btw Agga coffee has the best decaf ever!) with the sweet savoury taste of the maple. Just pure delight in my mouth! Plus I’ve read that maple syrup may help delay or prevent diseases such as cancer or diabetes as well as boosting our immune system and keeping our heart healthy. So stock up on maple syrup people! I bought the above maple syrup bottle at Winners for $7.99 but have seen them being sold in coffee shops and kitchen appliance stores as well. I’m sure I could make my own but with a 7 month old baby it’s even a miracle I have time to write this! Lol


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