The most memorable moments of my 20’s

IMG_0333MY MY MY how time flies! Tomorrow my twenties will be just a thing of the past! I thought I would share my most memorable moments and adventures with you…

At 20 I took a year off my studies to go work abroad in Australia but ended up falling in love and never winded up leaving…LOL

I spent the beginning of my twenties partying and going dancing in clubs! Because of so many sleepness nights I slept through many of my college classes. Ooops, what can I say? I LOVE to dance!

cynnieI wanted to go travel the world but my boyfriend at the time convinced me that I had to visit my own country before going anywhere else. Not a stupid idea! So we left on a roadtrip across Canada in my little red Honda Civic (filled to the ceiling!) and spent a month and a half exploring the Rockies, Vancouver, Banff and Vancouver Island. I even saw a few bears in Whistler! I must admit that Canada is a really stunning country!

Back from my roadtrip I applied to university. I wasn’t chosen in my 1st program so I hesitated between phys-ed at McGill or creative writing at Concordia. Creative writing won and I spent 2 whole semesters writing short stories and television scenarios alongside some pretty interesting people!

The next year I applied once again in Communications and Television and finally got accepted after a long process of interviews and papers! I can still remember the day I opened the envelope, I was sitting on the toilet and squealed so loud I almost fell off the pot! LOL

During the summer I spent 3 weeks exploring Costa Rica and Bocas del Toro in Panama. It was my first backpacking experience! Costa Rica was not very touristy at the time and I remember how excited I was to be heading to such an exotic country! I also had my first surf experience! Almost broke my back! I’m a LITTLE intense when it comes to trying new things…

198126_7847685191_5793_nIn university some friends and I applied for a documentary seminar with the NFB (National Film Board of Canada). Our documentary about a eco-friendly business in Montreal was chosen to air on tv! AWESOME! You can view it here, though it’s in French! It appeared on the 5 o’clock news on CBC and I remember jumping up and down in the living room squealing once again! I was so proud :)

I also took up a Spanish minor and found out I really have a talent for learning new languages. I just love the latin culture!

The next summer I spent a month exploring Thailand. I fell in LOVE with the Thai culture, amazing beaches and food. Decided I would move there after graduation to open up a hostel or coffee place. Oh and had my first scuba diving experience on Koh Tao. Fell in LOVE again!

112_10188155191_7917_nAfter too many sleepness nights studying, I graduated! As a reward and the chance to practice my Spanish I escaped to Nicaragua for the summer alongside my cousin Val and her friend Katy. We rented rooms in a house in the vibrant town of Leon. Oh the fun we had, the beach parties, colonial architecture, too many rum and cokes, too many boys, and a bit of teaching English. It was an experience of a lifetime! And I came back pretty fluent in Spanish too :)

cynnie1 300_61721970191_5656_nAt the end of summer we had to rush back to Montreal because my grandpa was not doing well. Luckily I got to see him before he passed away. Losing him was one of the hardest things in my life because he was literally my best friend!

74_7847605191_2604_nAfter that I decided a year of being single would do me some good to focus on my career. Of course who do I run into just a few weeks later in a bar? THE MAN OF MY DREAMS! I couldn’t resist and gave him my phone number and we’ve been together ever since!

714_38345645884_5084_nOn my 25th birthday my boyfriend was taking me out to the restaurant but he kept going around and around in circles pretending he couldn’t find the restaurant. I was getting so mad at him! It turns out he was buying time because when I finally walked into the restaurant all my family, colleagues and friends were there! What an awesome bday!

For our first trip together, my boyfriend and I flew to Riviera Maya. We stayed at all all-inclusive and let me tell you it was the most romantic week of my life! I worked out so much before that vacation I still can’t believe how hot I was…lol

2716_158063925191_1682301_nAfter that I had a difficult period in my life. My career was not going well, I had just lost all three of my grandparents, I became  insomniac, had no confidence in myself, and you will have guessed it, I fell into depression. I spent a year and a half fighting this depression and to be honest what saved my life were reading books, seeing a shrink and the love from those around me. I lost a lot of friends during that time because nobody understood what I was going through. Those dark days taught me to appreciate what I have and it totally changed the way I wanted to live my life. I learnt things during that period that I probably would’ve learned later in life so I’m actually happy I got depressed!

Then came along the other love of my life….my niece Laurie! I fell in love with her the instant I held her in my arms! What a sweetie :)

051Bored with my customer service job I took 5 weeks off (at my expense) to go travel. Luckily my boyfriend shares the same thirst for travel as I do so I just HAD to show him Asia! We explored South Thailand, Bali and the Gili Islands, Kuala Lumpur as well as Hanoi and Halong Bay in Vietnam! It was the best and worst trip ever and a very good test for our relationship! It would take too many words to explain…All in all we fell in love with the Gili islands and dream of going to retire there one day :)


After our test I managed to convince my boyfriend to let me move in with him. At 27 it was about time that I move out of my parent’s home! Wow the freedom of not doing my bed! Hihi I also learnt to cook and discovered a new passion.

Tired of my boring 9-5 office job that was just not for me I became a travel agent and an English teacher. Yes a little random I must say but they are both two things that I love to do!

Then came a crazy idea. I wanted to go backpacking through Colombia! I love choosing destinations that are not too touristy and that are still authentic. My family thought I was insane and I must admit I was a little nervous myself about the security. But WOW OH WOW what an amazing trip! Colombia is one of my favorite destinations so far. To view my trip you can do so here. I suggest that you do ;)

IMG_3587Having loved Colombia so much, the year after we went backpacking around Panama. We met with friends in Bocas del Toro and then went hiking in the rainforest, visited Panama city and spent some time on the pristine islands of San Blas. Panama was a really diverse country and we had an awesome time!

???????????????????????????????The summer after, my boyfriend made one of my dreams come true! We rented a furnished apartment on the Plateau (one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Montreal) and I spent the summer riding my bike around the city, playing tennis, picnicking in Laurier park, working in television and just feeling happy!

IMG_4631 In the fall we moved back to the suburbs (yuck). We began organizing a trip to Sri Lanka but then found out I was pregnant!! How exciting!! It happened much faster than we thought but we were so happy :)

Of course we didn’t go backpacking around Sri Lanka but instead went on a cruise around the Carribean. To our surprise we loved it and had a wonderful time. To see the pictures you can do so here.

On a rainy day in May I headed to my mom’s to go celebrate my sister’s birthday. When I walked in I almost fainted! My friends and family were all standing there screaming Surprise!  Oh my, I couldn’t stop crying! What a beautiful baby shower my sister and mom organized for the arrival of my daughter. I’m really lucky to have such amazing people around me!

After many painful cycst episodes and pregnancy scares, I finally gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl that we named Mila! She has been the love of our lives ever since :)

IMG_3262It’s funny how my twenties began with sleepness nights and is ending with sleepness nights!

Some days were difficult, some days were magical, but all in all my twenties was so much fun! I’m proud of all that I accomplished!

Even though I was often critisized that I wasn’t responsible enough during my twenties I realize that I was indeed because I lived according to my beliefs and dreams. To understand that life passes way too quickly and to make the best of it sounds mature to me!

I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for the the road I’ve travelled so far. And as I reminisce over the amazing adventures and the difficult moments of my twenties I know I’ve come a long way :)

I can’t believe in just a few hours I’m going to be 30! I can’t wait to see what new adventures await me. It’s like a blank page waiting to be filled! Sooooo exciting!

See you in my thirties folks ;)


One comment

  1. Serge Hamelin · · Reply

    Bonjour Cynthia,

    Quelle belle façon de présenter sa vie de 20 ans à aujourd’hui sur un blog.

    J’ai pris le temps de lire du début à la fin et cela m’a vraiment touché, bouleverser d’apprendre certain passage de ta vie depuis 10 ans.

    Je crois que j’en ai manqué un bout et de plus j’ai remarqué qu’il n’y avait aucune mention de moi dans ton passage des 10 dernières années.

    Cela m’a vraiment surpris moi qui pensait être près de toi durant toute ses années.

    De plus cela me fait questionnée sur ma façon de faire ou d’aimer mes filles qui pour moi compte le plus au monde.

    Suite à cela j’ai poussé plus loin ma réflexion et je me suis permis de regardé aussi ton Facebook et encore là aucune photo de moi avec toi.

    Je suis sure que tu m’aime! j’en doute vraiment pas Cynthia! mais j’aurai aimé faire partie de ta vie un peu plus et être présent.

    Ne t’inquiète pas pour moi je survivrai à cela mais je suis sure que tu comprendra mon intervention dans cette magnifique journée de ta fête.

    Bien hâte de te voir et te serrer dans mes bras pour te dire comment je t’aime et que tu es très importante pour moi dans ma vie.

    Ton père qui t’aime et souhaite bonne fête.

    Bonne anniversaire sweet Cyn.

    Serge Hamelin

    Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 03:06:15 +0000

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