Montreal’s stunning mosaïcultures

IMG_0200 Autumn is not only the perfect season to wear knitted sweaters, to go apple picking, to cozy up with a great book and to cook up some yummy comfort food but also the time to go outside and take in the warm sunshine before winter has got us locked up inside! Well I did exactly that a few weeks ago at Montreal’s Mosaicultures being held at the Botanical Garden. I was not only awwed by the beauty of it’s larger than nature statues (all made from plants, leaves and flowers) but also impressed with the amount of work put into these statues. Each statue came from a different country and each one held a different meaning. It was just a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon walking around with my family and my baby girl (who is now 7 weeks old!). For those who couldn’t make it to the Mosaicultures or who didn’t feel like spending a whopping $30 per person, just imagine the warm sunshine on your face and the cold breeze and it’s as if you were there ;)


IMG_0178 IMG_0226 IMG_0233

IMG_0164 IMG_0214a Oh and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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  1. Vraiment beau!! Tout incluant ta puce et toi ;^)

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