The bump!!

This day next year I’ll be celebrating being a mom! Omg what a scary but exciting thought. A lot of you have been asking me to write more about my pregnancy so for Mother’s Day I’m doing just that :) And of course a post about pregnancy wouldn’t be complete without me finally revealing my bump!

So what’s it like being pregnant? Well I could just lie and tell you that I’m having the time of my life but as I’m an honest person I must admit that being pregnant is not as thrilling as I thought it would be! I feel like I’m in someone else’s body and I’m consistently waiting around to be a mom, waiting for my back to stop aching, waiting to get some sleep, waiting for my life to change, waiting for my due date to get here already…you get the picture!

Oh and the hormones! One moment I’ll be singing at the top of my head and the next I’m crying just because I like the song that I’m singing! Then one second I’m mad (for no reason of course) and the next I’m over excited about something (usually over something I can eat). Oh my poor boyfriend and family who have to put up with my crazy moods! I’m telling you, I feel like a nut case sometimes.

Now the appointments! I can’t even count how many appointments I’ve been to and how many blood tests and exams I’ve had. I’ve never really kept an agenda before but now I have no choice, especially that the hormones have turned my memory into mush. I never expected to have so many appointments! But then again I never expected to have complications. I’ve been to the hospital a few times for severe pain and gone through several ultrasounds but no need to worry the baby is doing just fine! I’m thankful that’s all behind me now.

Now as contradictory as it may seen most days I’m bored and stressed at the same time. I want the nursery to be ready on time, I want to go buy all the baby gear we need, I want to read all the books about motherhood but I just can’t get myself to start anything! I think the lack of exercise in the past 6 months has made me a lazy person and I’m not proud of myself. If I would do it all again I would keep exercising for as long as I could throughout the pregnancy. If not for my mood at least for the sake of my thighs! Trust me I have quite a challenge awaiting me after I give birth! Now everyone keeps telling me to enjoy as much as I can the last months alone with my boyfriend but how can I when I’m aching everywhere, I’m tired and I feel everything but sexy in this new body? Not easy to keep the passion going I’m telling you! But hey I guess it’s just getting us ready for our new life with the baby…

I’m still amazed at how pregnancy is such a life changing experience. Everything in me is changing; the way I think, my body, my sensitivity and even the way people around perceive me. I’m usually a carefree person who hates responsibilities and who enjoys her freedom but for the first time in my life I’m actually ready to face the biggest responsibility of a lifetime, being a mom. I know it probably won’t be easy and it makes me panic at times but having a family is what I want more than anything in the world so I will give it all I’ve got :)

I hope that I won’t scare anyone away with this post about being pregnant but I just wish other girls and the media would open up and be honest about what being pregnant is really like. If I would’ve had lower expectations of what it was like to be pregnant I would probably be posting today about how much I’m loving it. But as uncomfortable a time in my life it is I’m in awe at the miracle taking place in my belly :) It’s true that some woman feel their best when they’re pregnant but then again some women are pregnant and don’t even know it (thanks TLC). So I guess each person goes through pregnancy differently. My advice: expect the worse and you’ll be in for a wonderful ride :)

On the bright side pregnancy also has its perks. I don’t feel guilty if I spend an afternoon reading magazines or if I eat ice cream every day. I get to nap whenever I want, I have random strangers telling me I’m beautiful and I get doors opened for me all the time. But the very best is when I feel my little girl kick…it’s surreal! I feel like she’s training for the Olympics in there! And to see my boyfriend kiss and talk to his daughter in my belly everyday is just pure bliss.

Well it’s about time that I reveal my bump! Here it is at 6 months:

IMG_8141a IMG_8071


Oh and Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!!



  1. Great bump! Love your writing.
    xo, Robin from NY

    1. Thank you so much Robin for reading me! Hope you’re doing well :) Take care xxx

  2. Thanks for the read! I totally relate right now ;)

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