Peace and quiet in St.Thomas


I’ve often heard about St. Thomas but little did I know how beautiful the island actually was! It’s not as pure and untouched as St. Kitts but there’s still charm left to the island. Ok, it’s still invaded by McDonalds, Targets and American everything but they somehow found a way to keep the scenery beautiful. The roads swirve up and down and around the island which makes for an interesting ride.

St. Thomas is known for gorgeous Magens Bay but ended up spending the day at Sapphire Beach to avoid the crowds on our last day of the cruise. We didn’t know anything about this beach but we liked the name! What a wise decision…we arrived to turquoise waters and a gorgeous view of St. Johns in the distance. We found a big tree to lay under and were immediatly mesmerized by the landscape in front of us. We spent the day reading and taking dips in the crystal clear waters. Awww peace and quiet!




My boyfriend even made a new friend!


As we took a taxi back to the cruise we met a really sweet retired couple who had left their home state of New York on their sailboat to go sailing around the Carribean. I’m not the type to be jealous of others but I was literally dying to switch places with them! Sailing the world on a Catamaran is one of my greatest dreams!


I must say that St. Thomas is definetly a destination I would go back to with family or friends anyday! It’s a great place to go and rent out a villa for a week or two. They have so many beaches to choose from and I heard there’s plenty of good restaurants. What’s not to like?

St. Thomas was our last stop before Puerto Rico so we decided to go easy on the camera and really relax. To compensate here are the pictures of Captain’s night where we had to dress up. If you know me you know that I LOVE dressing up! My boyfriend didn’t even complain and put on a suit….I wish it was always captain’s night! lol



Stay tuned for our adventures in Puerto Rico!



  1. Elles sont belles tes photos sa donne l envie d y etre Bravo

    1. Merci ma belle Nicole! C’est le but de vous faire voyager un peu :) Bisous xoxox

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