Easter weekend fun!

What a weekend of pigging out and fun times with the family! I was spoiled with gifts for the baby which I’m not used to getting yet (do you ever get used to it?) And my sister got me the best gift of all, maple cotton candy!! It tasted like heaven! We also spent an amazing day at a friend’s sugar shack (pictures to come soon). But as you will see most of my weekend revolved around eating. I must’ve gained 5 lbs and I can’t blame it on the baby this time! LOL Here is my Easter weekend in photos:

2013-03-29 12

My colleague Phil as we waited for the weekend to start!


I shared a white chocolate and raspberry cake with a pregnant friend of mine! Mmmmmmm


I indulged in strawberry pancakes at my in-laws!


Brunch at my mom’s with maple-beer ham, cheeses, fresh bagels, salmon and good company!


Yummy eggs!


Maple flavored cupcakes that my sister made!


Look what I found, jumbo Rockets! My favorite!


I ended the weekend with this heavenly feta omelette (inspired by Byblos café) and a yoga class to wash down all sugar I had over the weekend!



  1. Trip de bouffe!! Wow!

    1. Oh que oui!! C’était délicieux!

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