Travel // Our fave island of the cruise, St. Kitts!


We celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday in St-Kitts. We didn’t have any expectations since St-Kitts is a relatively new destination and to our great surprise it was our favorite island of the whole cruise! At first when we got off the cruise we got hassled by tour vendors coming from every direction. No fun. But I guess they haven’t got the hang of it yet and were just trying to feed their families.




Leaving the cruise port we strolled through Basseterre, the capital town of St. Kitts. I loved the colorful churches and old buildings as well as it’s lovely central park. On St. Kitts you can find farmland, small villages, tropical rainforest and even a volcano, Mount Liamuiga. Popular activities include hiking the mountains for oustanding views and scuba diving…two activities I wasn’t allowed to do :(




We finally got in a taxi to head to the beach. Our taxi driver sang Bob Marley songs all the way there and he stopped midway at an amazing viewpoint. The unspoiled beauty was breathtaking! You could see the Atlantic ocean and the Carribean on each side.






After a bumpy and nauseating ride we made it to a beautiful quiet beach. We spent our day lounging on beach chairs, swimming and chatting with our friends from Vancouver.



Across our beach we could see Nevis, also part of St. Kitts’ Federation. Nevis is known as a celebrity destination where you can easily spot celebrities like Wayne Gretsky, Oprah and Matthew McConaughey (just to name a few!) on the beach. There’s an ancient volcano that sits in the middle of the island and you can find white, gold and dark sand beaches all around as well as hot springs.


On our way back to the cruise our taxi driver pointed out to a spot where in a year or two  luxury hotels and marinas will be built. I’m sure that if I come back in 10 years from now it’s going to be a total different island! If you want to see St. Kitt’s in it’s pure natural state now’s the time to go! You can either stay at the Hilton or rent out a villa.


Sad to be leaving St. Kitts, we watched the island dissapear away in the distance from our balcony. Once again we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset and knew our balcony was money well spent :)




  1. Great info on St. Kitts! Traveling there in a couple months. Will be interesting to see how much it has changed since your visit.

    1. It will probably have changed but I’m sure you will enjoy it there! Thanks for reading and enjoy your trip ;)

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