Travel // Turks and Caicos…nothing but turquoise waters


Our first day at sea was fun but we realized how many people we were on the cruise!


Our first stop was in Turks and Caicos where I had imagined green rolling hills and virgin beaches. I woke up at 7 really excited and went to take a peak on our balcony…



Ok so no rolling hills but really turquoise waters! I couldn’t believe how flat Grand Turk was. We got off the boat and walked through duty free shops and passed next to Margaritaville where some were trying out the Maeva surf wave or lounging around the pool. Since that was not our scene at all we decided to walk along the road to hopefully reach a quieter beach. And we did!


IMG_6240 IMG_6214

Turks and Caicos is known for it’s great diving. Since I’m preggers we went snorkeling instead but still got to see colorful fish. Oh and I think at some point I saw a barracuda and it’s just about at that point that I stopped snorkeling! haha We also ran into a dog looking for his catch of the day.



We left the island around sunset and were lucky to spot two whales from our balcony! That was magical :)


Now have I mentioned the food yet aboard the ship? Oh the food! It was DELICIOUS! Much better than the food we’ve had at resorts in the past. The way it works is that you have a menu that stays the same each day and one that changes every night. There’s plenty of choices of appetizers, meals and desserts and you can take as many as you want! I had lobster, escargots, french onion soup, fresh tomato and mozzarella and filet mignon. My boyfriend (who I envied) had tartare, mussels, sushi and aligator bites and even got a cheese plate for dessert. Here are some pics of our plates:




In the morning we had the choice of free room service, breakfast buffet or brunch with choice of waffles, benedictines and even filet mignon! For lunch there was always the buffet with it’s different sections: wok-to-go, deli sandwiches, fish and chips, the pizzeria, the burger and nachos joint and the ice cream bar. So let’s just say for a person who needs to eat all the time (aka me!) were well served on the cruise!

Now all this food talk has gotten be hungry. I’m off to make lunch! See you next time with my adventures in St-Maarten!


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  1. There’s nothing like traveling, good food, and good men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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