Goodbye flip-flops, hello winter boots!


Goodbye flip flops, hello winter boots!

Wow what an awesome vacation we had! I never thought I would enjoy taking a cruise as much as I did on the Carnival Valor! I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant and I couldn’t do much else than relax and eat but whatever it was our vacation was perfect…or almost if it wasn’t for the sun that wouldn’t go away EVER. Thirteen days of blue skies and sunshine out of 14 days, well that’s what I call being lucky :)

So here was our itinerary: Miami – At sea – Turks & Caicos – At sea – St-Maarten – St-Kitts – St-Thomas – Puerto Rico

I was like a kid as we boarded the ship. It was like walking onto the Vegas strip! My boyfriend and I looked at eachother and were both thinking the same thing “what the hell we’re we thinking of?” See, the theme of the Valor cruiseship is Heroism so guess how it was decorated? In red, white and blue with golden eagles EVERYWHERE. Here’s a pic from travelweekly to give you an idea:

Ok so the theme of the ship was not our style (at all!!) but we weren’t ready to jump off the ship just yet! We found our room on deck 8 and were surprised to find our bathroom looked like something straight out of an airplane! It was quite funny! Of course I flew myself on the bed and was happy to confirm that it was comfy. But the best part was our little splurge…our balcony where we spent most of our late afternoons reading away.



Oh and here’s my boyfriend reading Carnival’s 3-page schedule for the day! Yoga classes, poker tournaments, comedy shows, dance shows, art auctions…you name it, everything is there!


Our cruise was leaving the port of Miami at 5pm so we stood on our balcony and watched the other cruises that lined the port. The ship’s horn went off to signal our departure and everyone started cheering and waving at us from the other ships! It was one exciting moment!



That night we were assigned a 8:15pm supper and we’re anxious to see who we’d be seated with (on cruises there’s so many people that you seldom get seated alone). Well we got lucky! We were seated with Amanda and Joe, a really sweet couple from Rhode Island who both had French Canadian families! And the funny thing was that Amanda had just found out she was pregnant too :) So we got to know eachother as the week went on and shared lots of laughs! Here they are:



Well that’s all for now. Stay tuned because coming up next is our stop in Turks and Caicos!


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