Off to the Caribbean!

When there I was thinking I wouldn’t travel for another year because of my pregnancy my boyfriend announced that we were leaving on vacation in less than a week! I’ve always dreamed of leaving last minute so you can imagine how excited I’ve been all week!

But a week ago we didn’t have a clue where we wanted to go. I wanted Brazil or Peru, my boyfriend thought it was too far. My boyfriend wanted Florida and I thought it wasn’t an adventure enough. And since I’m pregnant I can’t be too adventurous so I came up with the idea of taking a cruise in the Caribbean! We’ll be visiting Turks & Caicos, St-Maarten, St-Kitts, St-Thomas and ending our trip with a few days touring Puerto Rico.

Ok so maybe cruising is not really our style of travelling but what do we know if we haven’t tried it? I’m sure something wonderful will come out of it! Which brings me to my quote of the day:

There you go, when you believe something good will happen to you it will! That’s why I’m saying hasta luego amigos and see you in two weeks ;)



  1. Serge Hamelin · · Reply

    Bon voyage les amoureux,
    J’ai fait ce voyage aussi et c’est merveilleux de découvrir ses îles entourré de la mer.
    La vie des gens riches et célèbres dans le confort d’un bâteau.

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