The most stunning dive spots in the world!


Yes you guessed it, I love diving! I dived for the first time of my life in Ko Tao, Thailand and let me tell you I was scared to death! But what a thrill! I loved it so much that I ended up doing my PADI course in Roatan, Honduras the following year. Both spots are amazing and really cheap places to dive! But I was stunned to find out that neither appear on Lonely Planet‘s most spectacular diving spots in the world! Here are some of the spots that appear on their list:

BELIZE: The Great Blue Hole
at Lighthouse Reef

MICRONESIA: Chuuk Lagoon for exploring shipwrecks

HAWAII: Manta Ray Village night dive

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Milne bay for gorgeous reefs and colorful fish

MALAYSIA: Pulau Sipadan, an oceanic island where turtles abound

COSTA RICA: Coco island for it’s hammerhead sharks and whale sharks

SOUTH AFRICA: Cage diving with great white sharks at Gansbaai


When I look back at all my diving experiences, I must say that my very favorite diving spot was in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. I’ve never seen water that clear! But with the arrival of mass tourism since the movie “The Beach” I don’t think the corals are still as beautiful as it was many years ago.

Now tell me, what’s your favorite diving spot in the world? I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you to Lonely Planet, Original Diving, TripAdvisor, DiveTrip, Stickyrice, Albatros Africa and Manta Fleet for their wonderful images


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  1. I’d love to dive in Pulau Sipadan during our next trip, I read dozens of great comments on that site! But I wonder why Bocas didn’t make that list… :P

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