Cyn’s back!!


Hi all! Happy New Year :)

I’ve been away from this blog way too long for my liking but as I was planning my big trip to Sri Lanka something particularly life changing happened! Here it goes: I’m expecting my first child! It came quite as a surprise as it happened really fast but it’s what we wanted and we’re very happy to be future parents!

Now you don’t have to worry, I won’t get carried away and start bragging about my baby all the time and sharing details no one wants to know. But I am going to complain because one, I’m very good at complaining and two, being pregnant is not all that thrilling! You can’t eat anything, can’t do any sports, can’t have rum, hormones drag you down and you can’t sleep because your brain is going a million miles a minute thinking thoughts like “OMG did I do all the things I wanted to do before having kids?” or “Oh no I wanted to have my dream career when I got pregnant!” and “OMG I’ll never have time for me again!” So as you can see I’ve been pretty busy these past months freaking out and just trying to survive being pregnant! Ok I might be exagerating a little, it’s not all that bad! haha

But on a more positive note I’ve now reached the end of the first trimester and my energy is finally surging! So stay tuned because plenty of things cyn loves will be coming your way very soon!

Ciao ciao xx



  1. OH MY GOD!!! congrats. I am soooo happy for you. :) You are going to be an amazing mom. That is great news!!!

  2. Génial. J’adore ton blog !
    Tu verras la maternité apporte beaucoup de bonheur.
    Et les voyages sont tout aussi extraordinaires, surtout quand ton enfant exclamera son premier mot “Wow” devant un paysage magnifique.
    Ça n’a pas de prix.
    Au plaisir ;)

  3. C’est Lisane (Li ;)

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