DIY Ikea window seat!

In our new home there’s this weird empty wall in the kitchen and I’ve been in search of a DIY project for a while now to fill up the gap. I already have two chairs at the counter as a breakfast corner so that’s not an option. If you have any awesome ideas let me know! Here is our empty wall in the kitchen:

In my search for a DIY project I found a beautiful window seat/sofa idea made with Ikea day beds that would be perfect if we had a wall with windows…but we don’t. I still wanted to share this idea with you because I think it’s just plain beautiful!

And look at that coffee table! It was made with a garbage can turned upside down and painted. Awesome, no? If you want to check out these ideas and many more head to Jenna Sue Design and House of Turquoise, two of my favorite design blogs!



  1. […] a while back when I had just moved into our new condo and was wondering what to do with our empty kitchen wall? Well we decided to go with the easiest option, chalkboard paint, and we don’t regret it one […]

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