Top 5 Travel Apps for your Smart Phones!

If you know me you know that I’m not crazy about cell phones. Maybe I’m old school for missing the days when I wasn’t disturbed every two minutes with a text or facebook update. But I have to admit that I love staying up-to-date on new applications for my Android especially when it comes down to travelling! Talking about travelling, my boyfriend and I are planning an escape in January (not spilling where we’re going just yet). I thought you might like to know what my favorite travel apps are. Enjoy :)

Image representing TripIt as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

TriplIt – Organize all your travel documents and itinerary in one place. It’s such an intelligent app that it recognizes any travel documents you receive in your e-mail and automatically organizes it in one neat itinerary. Talk about genius! Download for free here

SeatGuru – Find out what the best seats are on your next flight before reserving them. Bye bye sitting next to the stinky washroom!

Download for free here




PanoramioFor amateurs and professional photographers, this app tells you where the best photographed locations are in each city. You might not take a very original photo but at least you’re sure not to miss out on the cities best views and sunset spots. Download for free here

Image representing Yelp as depicted in CrunchBase

Yelp – Find restaurants and businesses anywhere you go and get recommendations from users. Very useful for finding places in your own city!

Download for free here

Relax MelodiesHave trouble sleeping in your hostel bunk bed? Or on the plane? Use this app to choose a repetitive relaxing noise that will drown out any annoying background sound. Love it!

Download for free here

Of course I also love the TripAdvisor, Expedia and Kayak applications but those you must already know. Hope you will find these apps as useful as I do!

Samsung image by CellularNews



  1. I never thought about getting an app like Relax Melodies. I’ll have to get one for when I go to Ireland!

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