What’s for dinner? // Thai green curry chicken


SAWADEE KA! (it means hello in Thai)

While traveling in Thailand I tasted so many different dishes and street foods. I tried their spicy mango salad and I think my mouth burnt for 3 hours…but that’s another story! The dish I fell in love with was the green chicken curry (can also be served with shrimp). It’s spicier then what I’m usually used to but it’s sweet basil and coconut taste blend perfectly and balances out the spicyness. If you want an authentic taste of Thailand I suggest you try this recipe! Feel free to add all the vegetables you’d like (I love adding water chestnuts and tiny corns). And if you’re in a hurry they sell green curry envelopes in the asian section of the supermarket ;)

This is the green chicken curry my boyfriend made me once…yeah I’m lucky that he’s a great cook! I usually serve it over white rice but you can also serve the rice on the side like bf did.

Common’ let’s get cookin’. Click here to view the recipe by Best Recipes.




  1. The food in Thailand is so good! This curry looks fantastic!

  2. […] What’s for dinner? // Thai green curry chicken […]

  3. Richert Manjarres · · Reply

    The colors are so appealing. :)

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