DIY Home // Chalkboard your space!

No I’m not sick of summer. And no I don’t have a Christmas carol stuck in my head (though I’m seriously starting to have one).  I’m just totally obsessed with everything chalkboard these days and I couldn’t imagine having to wait until December to post this!

I’m moving in a new home in 2 months and I’ve already started planning how I’m going to decorate. I’m not sure yet if I want to be bold and put a whole wall or just play it more subtle with a nice vintage frame but what I know is that I absolutely need a chalkboard to express myself on and let my inner child out.

Here are some DIY ideas I thought were interesting and easy to make:

Images sources by: 1. Unknown via Pinterest 2. Dana Tanamachi 3. Crush Cul de Sac & 79 Ideas 4. House Obsession  5. Team Sterling Realty 6. Houzz

Thank you Grey Like Nesting for your great post.



  1. I love chalkboard paint. I just wrote about using chalkboard paint on doors for different projects.

  2. Very cool ideas.. would totally be a unique theme for your home!

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