Food // Rosemary-vanilla rapsberry jam

As you may have noticed I`v been absent for a few weeks. I was moving to the big city! It was exhausting and way too stressful but now that I`m settled in let me tell you it was all worth it! I am in LOVE with my new neighborhood…bistros, coffee shops, cute stores and parks are just down the steps. But what I`m so excited about are all the breakfast spots! I am a huge fan of brunches so to celebrate our arrival we headed to “Café les Entretiens” where ceilings are high and painted a beautiful gold color (photos to come) and a man playing the piano drifts us away to another era.

I never usually eat jelly but when the waitress mentioned the flavor of the day: Raspberry, vanilla and rosemary (!!!), how could I refuse? It was so d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. I`m thinking of making my own this summer and offering some to my family and friends as thank you gifts when they invite me over.

I`m not exactly sure how to make it but I suggest you follow this recipe on knife whisk and spoon and add rosemary branches or dried rosemary as the raspberries are heating. I also recommend putting one branch of rosemary in each jar.

Here is my plate: home-made hummus (recipe to come), zucchinis, seasoned potatoes, fresh baguette and raspberry jam….what more can a girl ask for? 

images by myself, Mass Healthy and knife whisk and spoon


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