DIY Home // Take out those old vinyl records!

Most of our parents own them. Most of our parents can`t get rid of them. Most of our parents would love to use them again. Common, make your parents happy (or anyone else for that matter) and give old vinyl records a new life with these cool DIY projects! Here are the top 3 most brilliant projects I found:

Thank you Oh HappyDay for this awesome cake stand! Click here to see how to make it.

We all have mail, cards and random letters lying around. Why not store them all in this vintage mail holder so next time you`re looking for your papers you won`t forget where you left them? Oh and how great will it look on your entrance table or counter. Thank you Gear Fuse for the idea.

So simple yet such a good idea! Why spend so much money on a clock when you can have this funky looking one? You can even add beautiful scrapbook paper to the whole record or just the center part to personnalize it and match it to your decor. Thank you Something Monumental I love this idea!

Now the question is with which one should I start?? LOL


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