Life is all about passion!

Hi there!

I woke up this morning and decided it was time to start a blog of all the things I love. As you will soon find out I`m passionate about just about everything! So it`s no wonder I don`t have enough time in one day to do everything that I want! This blog will be my one year project to find time for me each day, organize my life, inspire others to do so and to just feel happy in the process. Here are my dreams (not goals… I`m a dreamer!) for this blog:

– Finding and trying cool DIY home and garden projects

– Organizing all my beauty and health tips that I get from magazines, television and friends in one place so that one day my children can have access to them

– Trying new recipes, having friends over more often for supper and testing new restaurants

– Reviewing beauty products for all of you out there….I`m a beauty product addict btw!

– Sharing my travel tips, photos and experiences from my many travels to Asia, South and Central America and the Carribean

– Having fun and one day make a living out of writing and photography!

So there we go, now I can get started!


cYn xx


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