Hi everyone! Great news, we’ve finally found our house! We’re moving in less than two weeks and all I can think about is how I’m going to decorate our new home. I’m spending way too many hours on Pinterest and Houzz lately while I should probably be blogging but hey, after over a year of house hunting, […]

We visited Lisbon at the end of February which was not the best idea we’ve ever had. It was cold, rainy and windy. My 1 year old daughter had to wear a wool hat and gloves. I wore a sweater, a jean jacket and a rain jacket over each other (so much for being stylish!). With everything we had read and heard about Lisbon, our expectations we’re high. Lisbon […]

Lisbon without the tramway would be like Paris without the Eiffel Tower. We really fell under the charm of Lisbon’s squeaky old tramways. Especially the ones running up and downhill. We were very thankful for the tram, because with its 7 steep hills, Lisbon was quite a sport with a one year old. As one of the oldest […]

    On our trip to Portugal in February 2015, we stayed in Lisbon for a few days before heading to Madeira. As my Lisbon post is still in progress, here are the pictures of the funky apartment we rented in the Alfama neighborhood. I just loved the original DIY touches and the way they dared to use […]

Getting to Madeira is not something we’re likely going to forget soon. We had to fly from Montreal to Lisbon, where we spent a couple of days, and then took an EasyJet flight to Madeira. That wasn’t so bad. But little did we know that Madeira’s airport was one of the most dangerous in the world! Part of the runway sits on beams above the water, […]

Where in the world is Madeira? That’s the question I asked myself a few months ago while I was searching for Europe’s warmest winter destination. Turns out that Madeira is a small island that belongs to Portugal, situated off the Maroccan coast in the Atlantic. I had heard of the Acores but never of Madeira. It’s […]

Photo of me in Madeira, Portugal. A preview of our first big trip with our 18 month old girl.

I ate so much while in Florida, it’s no wonder I came back with a few extra pounds. Thank god they don’t weigh us at the airport, I would’ve paid a big fee! But we actually did pay a surcharge because of our overweight bags, but that’s another story… I couldn’t believe how Florida is really refining […]

The answer is YES YES YES! Remember a while back when I had just moved into our new condo and was wondering what to do with our empty kitchen wall? Well we decided to go with the easiest option, chalkboard paint, and we don’t regret it one second. It instantly adds character to our kitchen. And with […]

Hey all! I’m back from our 2 week vacation in Deerfield Beach Florida. What a great trip! I always love to go to Florida because it feels like home but with palm trees, sun and beaches. I woke up to this every morning… It was our second Florida trip with our little Mila and she was a […]

Hi folks! I’m alive and well if you’ve been wondering where the heck I’ve been, just been taking care of my sweet and very energetic little Mila. Now that she’s almost one I need to get working again! I’ve really put off cooking (other than purees), traveling and writing but man do I have things to share […]

MY MY MY how time flies! Tomorrow my twenties will be just a thing of the past! I thought I would share my most memorable moments and adventures with you… At 20 I took a year off my studies to go work abroad in Australia but ended up falling in love and never winded up […]

Back when I spent the summer living in Nicaragua I literally lived off avocados, passion fruit, rosquillas and refried beans. No wonder I had a kick ass body then, nothing compared to my new post-baby body! Ok I’m getting off topic… Anyhow each week we would head to the popular local bar and hostel “Via Via” where tourists and locals mingled […]

At last, here is part 2 of my short trip to Puerto Rico! If you haven’t read part 1 you can do so here. After a wonderful afternoon spent at El Yunque National Park we headed to Fajardo on Puerto Rico’s East coast. Fajardo is just an hour or so away from San Juan and the […]

I awoke on our last day of the cruise to this: That my friends is San Juan, Puerto Rico! I was excited for our 4 day backpacking adventure around the island. The 7 night cruise was just perfect, not too long and not too short. We got off right in Old San Juan which reminded […]

I’ve often heard about St. Thomas but little did I know how beautiful the island actually was! It’s not as pure and untouched as St. Kitts but there’s still charm left to the island. Ok, it’s still invaded by McDonalds, Targets and American everything but they somehow found a way to keep the scenery beautiful. […]

We celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday in St-Kitts. We didn’t have any expectations since St-Kitts is a relatively new destination and to our great surprise it was our favorite island of the whole cruise! At first when we got off the cruise we got hassled by tour vendors coming from every direction. No fun. But I […]

We arrived in St-Maarten (the Dutch side of the island) early in the morning and I was excited to go visit this popular island. We got in a taxi and asked to be dropped off in Philipsburgh (capital of St Maarten) where we would try to catch a local bus to Maho Beach. But somehow […]

Our first day at sea was fun but we realized how many people we were on the cruise! Our first stop was in Turks and Caicos where I had imagined green rolling hills and virgin beaches. I woke up at 7 really excited and went to take a peak on our balcony… Ok so no […]

Goodbye flip flops, hello winter boots! Wow what an awesome vacation we had! I never thought I would enjoy taking a cruise as much as I did on the Carnival Valor! I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant and I couldn’t do much else than relax and eat but whatever it was our vacation […]

In our new home there’s this weird empty wall in the kitchen and I’ve been in search of a DIY project for a while now to fill up the gap. I already have two chairs at the counter as a breakfast corner so that’s not an option. If you have any awesome ideas let me […]

DIY sofa by http://www.ashleyannphotography.com I think it’s important to recycle. And what’s better than recycling something to add a touch of design to your own home for free (or almost)? I’ve been crazy about pallet furniture for the past year and now that I’m settled in my new home it’s time to get my creative […]

My mom owns a boat and yes, people always stare at us! Who said a women can’t drive a boat? My mom is just plain awesome! I’m very lucky to be able to spend my weekends cruising on Lake Champlain in Vermont and New York. It’s just a 20 minute drive south from the border and it […]

Whoa how time flies! My baby girl will be turning two at the end of the summer and looking back I can’t believe how becoming a mom has been such a life-changing and challenging experience. It was not easy and I was far from the perfect, all smiles type of mom. I had so many ups and downs and even had […]

I just LOVE burnt cauliflower mixed with fresh ingredients like corn and kale. And cauliflower is the new “it” food. So today I’m sharing my recipe with you, inspired by my little visit to Saint-Laurent Café.